This is Venkat, (short for Venkat Reddy Chintalapudi) a post graduate in Computer Applications from University of Hyderabad and currently working with YASU Technologies as a Test Manager.

My passion towards Technology started as a student at University of Hyderabad in 1996 and exploring the same since then.


Throughout this period, i have played various roles like Developer, Tester, Technical Support Engineer, Team Lead, Technical Lead, Consultant, Trainer & currently working with YASU as Test Manager. There are many lessons learned through these roles over a period of time.


Why do i need to write a blog ?

I am passionate about Technology and helps the same to become better by testing the same. According to me, Testing is not just phase of SDLC and but it’s part of everyones life. Good skills in testing helps people to take better decisions at the right times.

Everyone in the universe is a tester. Many of the people doing tests in their daily lives. Some of them are implied and not known.

Through this blog, i will be telling the importance of Software Testing in the technology development and how the same helps to make it better.

Finally it helps me to improve myself.


What do i write here ?

Testing is a process followed to make things better. It helps to take informed decision by providing the relevant information based on the context.

I use this blog to tell the world about my views, thoughts & experiences with Technology and Software Testing.


The content of this site is about my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way, shape or form. Since i am just a human being, my thoughts and opinions often tend to change as the time goes or as i get more exposure.



Feel free to share your views on my posts, approach towards testing, or on any aspect you like / dislike via comments or send me an email at venkatreddyc@gmail.com.



8 Comments on “About”

  1. srikanth Says:

    Dear Venkat,

    This is srikanth your Reddy college friend hope you remembered me. I need a small information. I need some clarity on the term Scalability. I have gone through google and got 2,3 major different perspectives. One perspective is If an application is able to perform well even it has big load then the application is scalable. Another perspective is, if suddenly business need changes, the applicaton reengineering should be easyly trackable (thats why OO model is popular). another perspective is if an application is installable on different kinds of environments, then the applciation can be addressed as scalable. I want to know what is your perspective abour scalability? Does the term scalability is relative? I mean it’s meaning changes from context to context? Is there any unique definition for the term so that reading that I can apply it any context?

    Waiting for your reply

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Srikanth,

    It’s nice to see you back after graduation days. Since the content is not relative to the blog interest, i will take this up with off line mode.

  3. part tester Says:

    part tester

    Hi. Very nice blog. I\’ve been reading your other entries all day long..lol.

  4. Software Training

    I don’t agree with you in 100%, but you covered some good points regarding this topic

  5. palle1 Says:

    Hi Venkat,

    I keep reading your blog and it gets more interesting everyday.Actually I am a black box tester and work for a small company where there are only 2 people handling QA so far.Today I have just been thrown with a project that I had no clue about.It is to test the ETL for one of the projects we have been using and with no prior Knowledge of ever having tested it before,I was looking for some direction and could not find much on the web and did not know where to start,so thought that I could ask you.
    Though not very relevant to what has been asked in the blog I would like you to give me some input about where to start and how to test the ETL project.Hoping to hear from you.Thank you.

  6. BASKAR.C Says:

    Hi Venkat . Iam BASKAR working as a Software Tester in Madras.I want

    to know is it true that those software testers who have strong

    programming knowledge cannot survive in the industry in future and

    openings in Testing will be very few. please do clarify my doubts and

    shall i continue in Testing field or i should change my career.

    with regards


  7. Extenze Says:

    I think your blog need a new wordpress template. Downalod it from http://templates.wordpressguru.in, The site has nice and unique wordpress templates.

  8. Schedule Says:

    You you could make changes to the blog name title About Software Testing Blog to something more specific for your subject you write. I loved the blog post nevertheless.

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