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IRE Forums – Property Reviews, Feedback, Ratings

May 8, 2015

I have launched a new forum for Property Discussions in India. We call it as IRE Forums.

IRE Forums upcoming community forum for unbiased and focused discussions around real estate property investments in India. IRE Forums is committed to provide quality information to everyone at no cost. IRE Forums is free and open to everyone. However, we recommend user to register on the forum to enable them to post their views and experiences which will benefit others.

India has seen a very significant growth in the real estate industry. The bubble in real estate is not limited to the metros and has shown widespread development.IRE Forums exists to provide accurate and honest information to promote transparency in Indian Real Estate sector. We bring information to everyone in India and make news, information and reviews available to everyone without prejudice or favoritism. We encourage the common man to contribute to the news in order to provide you the first hand and real version of news. We expect IRE Forums to be a one-stop destination to information around Indian Real Estate by providing consolidated and accurate facts.

IRE Forums act as a platform by providing reviews, feedbacks and the real experiences of the people in dealing a real estate transaction   on various property/ real estate projects upcoming, ongoing or delivered all over India. The feedbacks are being given by our registered members who are potential investors, already invested or residents of the properties on which feedbacks are being provided.


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