Non linear paths from Application Code

The applications become complex as their code base increases. This has challenges for the testers to determine the nonlinear paths in the application.

Most of the Static Analysis tools over the application code helps us to  identify the  cyclomatic complexity (nonlinear paths) at a method level. These might be helpful to validate those methods and to achieve good code coverage over the same.

But the Code coverage at a Unit Level may not be a big help since most of the end user scenarios won’t run after unit level paths. These paths is an integration of the above unit level paths.

Since the Testers focus on simulating the end user scenarios, it will be good to identify all the possible nonlinear paths around the application code base and capture the code coverage based on these paths.

You might want to go through some discussion around this on Linkedin Answers

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13 Comments on “Non linear paths from Application Code”

  1. Vanita Says:

    Well said , Keep on writing.

  2. Prabhu Says:

    Good article..

  3. Riya Gupta Says:

    Hey Guys,

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    – Riya Gupta

  4. Hi 2 All,

    This is Very good posting.It will used for Non linear paths from Application Code for the Mathematical people.

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    this is a good n knowlegable forum. i like it and this is really very helpful to me

  6. Prasen Says:

    Hey Venkat,

    I found your most of blog posts are very interested. The blog post concerning “Non linear paths from Application Code” especially interested me.


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    very nice blog.articular is so good keep it up.thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  8. indiumsoft Says:

    really use fulll tips

  9. 360logica Says:

    You have very well defined the non linear paths concepts. If software tester is able to find out this makes the testing process little bit easier even the results will accurate.

  10. 360logica Says:

    Nice blog, good information about application codes because code coverage is based on the non linear paths.

  11. inspire Says:

    very informative blog thanks for share
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  12. shiv kumar Says:

    This is Very good posting.this post is very effective and helpful thanks for this information..

  13. shekar Says:

    Can anyone kindly give me any details about TestExplorer on the parameters of whether it helps find security and performance bugs, is portable or no, cost associated with the software, platform and language support, allows integration with other tools or no, and if it allows automation of the code.

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