Software Testing – Is it a cost or an Investment for Stakeholders ?

Software Testing is considered as a Cost for some Stakeholders & an Investment for others in their context of operation. It’s good to know the status in your context. I had this query in LinkedIn Answers & thought of sharing the good discussion to my blog readers.

Do you consider Software Testing as an Investment or a Cost in your Context ?

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24 Comments on “Software Testing – Is it a cost or an Investment for Stakeholders ?”

  1. mofojo Says:

    If the production schedule is followed, software testing is an investment. Releasing a product that has not been tested will make a direct impact on the brand integrity.

  2. testerqa Says:

    As per Sissigma Concept Software Testing is a Non value added services to client.

  3. Tanmay Says:

    Hi Venkat, you raise a very important point here. I went back to the responses on linkedin and found that the dialogue there unanimously says that testing has to be perceived as an investment.

    The other realization has been that testers are only as good as the development teams are. My experience suggests that if a good tester works on a project with average programmers, his likelihood of failure is higher. While I have also seen average testers doing qualitative releases of project with good programmers. So, while testing is an investment we make, we should also try to mimimize it by implementing good design and having developers also accountable for unit level and basic testing.

  4. […] September 26, 2007 Software Testing – Cost or Investment? Posted by Tanmay under Project Management , Quality Processes , Software Testing   There is an interesting thread going on over at LinkedIn Answers where Venkat asks whether testing is a cost or an investment. […]

  5. deepanjali Says:

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  6. Palwinder Gill Says:

    hi, I am graduate from Australian university in Information Systems management. I want to make career in IT as i am not comfident in software development.
    Is software is right choice? Which books help me to learn software testing from home? Thanks

  7. webplore Says:

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  8. axis tech Says:

    From my point, I think software testing is an investment because if it is not done the performance of the newly created system is on risk and may create errors. It should be done for every system.

    • nitin Says:

      Hi all,
      According to me testing is an investment of cost to reduce the failure cost,to reduce the bugs in application and most important think is that it increases the price value of application in market.

  9. Of course testing is investment.but in small scale software development the programmer itself should skilled enough to do basic testing.

  10. Tania Says:

    With this increasing world of specialization, software testing is surely an investment. Thanks for putting such an interesting topic.

  11. QualityPoint Says:

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  12. Unit Testing Says:

    I take software testing as an investment. It is always a good idea to check every single unit of a software by unit testing in order to get rest assured about the working on the Software.
    It increases the trust of the users of a particular software.

  13. Software testing can be an investment for stakeholders it will enable them to measures the effectiveness of the computer, network or any software application, how stable the application is and how will it affect their business.

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  15. bipin Says:

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  16. Hi

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  17. Hi,,

    In my point of view software testing is investment because to minimized the cost of failures. Anyways its nice blog have a good time to read this.good job and keep it up.

  18. Sunil Says:

    nice tips you have provided. thanks

  19. Floyd Says:

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  22. Tony Smith Says:

    Testing is an investment of cost to reduce the failures and the cost aftermath , reduced bugs in applications significantly increase market value for the application. Now Digital businesses demand Speed@Quality and shifting from quality assurance to quality engineering making investment in testing more important. LiQE (Leadership in Quality Engineering) is an event where insights or testing methodologies are discussed and valuable speeches are delivered by high profiled, Analysts which is exclusive for QA professionals and industry visionaries. Interested people from testing community can attend for suggestions and ideas from experts.

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