The Life Cycle of a Bug – Different Stages in it.

In this post, i will explore  different stages of the Bug from it’s inception to closer. The Bug has been found and logged into the Bug Tracking System. It’s my fourth post in the Bug Life Cycle series.

  1. The Bug has been found and logged into the Bug Tracking System. It will be treated as New Bug in the System.
  2. The Bug will be assigned to the concerned Developer for a Resolution.
  3. The developer looks in to the possibilities of the resoultion & takes a call on Resolution by fixing it or differing over the information provided.
  4. Tester validates the resolved issue in the build & checks for the regression scenarios over the fix.
  5. If the issue found fixed, then he choose to Close the issue else he / she will Re-open the same.
  6. The Cycle follows again for the re-opened issue till it get’s closed.

Bug Life Cycle

It worth doing the following activities

  1. Capturing the required and re-usable info to the Bug Report at it’s each stage.
  2. Check for all the closed bugs of Severity 1 & 2 against final build for the release.

In the next post, I will share my thoughts on the useful metrics over the Bug Tracking Repository.

Happy Testing..

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25 Comments on “The Life Cycle of a Bug – Different Stages in it.”

  1. […] Life Cycle of a Bug – Different Stages in it […]

  2. kumar Says:

    Nice explanation

  3. Poornima Says:

    Nice explanation of bug cycle………..
    It really good and useful. I’m doing bit research about test automation and also found macrotesting be a good resource..
    Thank you for the useful information

  4. axis tech Says:

    There was a general misconception that a bug destroys the performance of the system and creates faulty errors in the system.

  5. kultej Says:

    u hv explained well. simple n to the point.. but i think there r some more stages like ‘deferred’, ‘could not produce’ etc. I think below link wil clarify bit

  6. Hi,
    Really nice post about bug life cycle.The explanation and diagram is very interactive.

  7. good work and great explanation

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  9. hello,

    its very good n clear explaination about the bug life cycle for testing its really help for me.

  10. nice job guys,i like your simple themes.
    I want to style a single category title differently.

  11. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.

  12. The bug life cycle is seems to be good i appreciate u to explain this cycle in a good ways

  13. Its really tremendoue good blog which are showing software testing ife cycle for Bugs….Thanks a lot !

  14. David Webb Says:

    Thought would add some of the common defect states,
    -Reject (Works as per Requirements, wont fix, works for me)

  15. bipin Says:

    Bug Life Cycle

  16. Really nice post, i myself is a testing engineer, and i appreciate the contents in this for being so simple that everybody can understand it easity.

  17. isha Says:

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    it will definitely help u…

  18. Nester Nemen Says:

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  19. Ashish Says:

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  20. Johnceena Says:

    Hi I appreciate your post.It forms the basic platform for the test engineers, where most of them spend their time in finding bugs & give the product as a quality one.

  21. Zaki Says:

    Reblogged this on software|quality|blog and commented:
    Good concise post on the Bug Life Cycle /Defect Life Cycle.

  22. shiv kumar Says:

    Great post.that is different and good post.thanks for this post…

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