Life Beyond Code

Rajesh Setty is well known his book Beyond Code and blog Life Beyond Code. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend  his Seminar on Life Beyond Code. The event was organized by HYSEA at Hyderabad.

During the seminar he focused on the following skills

  • Personal Branding
  • Building Long term Relationships

 His book targets the Technology Professionals find an insight into the book below

We need to do different things and distinguish ourselves to get superior results in our life. For this, we need tools that will help us distinguish ourselves and we also need the discipline to practice them daily. In this book, the author puts together a set of such insights and practices from his notes and cheat sheets collected over the last ten years. The purpose is to help you emerge from a life inside the cubicle, and take it beyond the code.

His work and thoughts in this direction are truly amazing. His books focuses on the nine skills required. The only way to capture  them is to learn and practice them daily.

Explore his blog for more details.

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One Comment on “Life Beyond Code”

  1. shwibbs Says:

    The document he created is also one of the most downloaded in the internet. If your interested more in personal branding, you should view my blog.

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