Hey Testers, Communicate the Value of Testing

It’s almost a month since my last post on this blog and busy with my upcoming release of QuickRules BRMS. I have been talking to the people around on the Software Testing and felt that it’s not communicated well. Though there is enough information on this subject, i would like to describe my own version of the same here.


Testing is about making things better by providing constructive criticism based on the context (we can also say qualitative information and not being nice) at the right time and in the right direction too.

I like the phrase, “Testers, you are the headlights of the project” from the book Lessons Learned in Software Testing.

I have been thinking about this concept helped for the individuals. This revealed lot of crucial information and i hope this helps my fellow testers to motivate them & their teams.

There are many real life testers (incase if we need to list all of them) who contributed & still contributing a lot for us in every phase of life to grow and improve upon (fix the imp bugs among ourselves).Let’s explore some of them below.

My Parents are the first testers in my life. They contributed invaluable information at each stage (Milestone release) of my life. Instead of saying “Sshhhhhh you can’t do that, they used to tell me further implications that might arise”. An insight into this tells us that it’s not an order, but there is context based information for informed decisions.This helped me to stop for a while, analyze the information and work on the required steps to improve upon the current state.

My teachers helped me a lot by providing the constant feedback (just not being nice) through assignments, tests and covey the areas which are good and bad for me in the respective subjects. They are the best testers because they are the ones who taught the concepts and observed my execution towards the same.

There is a tremendous scope for the improvement, incase if we have acted upon the feedback at the right times.

My Boss at work used to evaluate (Test the Tester) me & provide the feedback on the tasks performed by me. This information helps to analyze to identify the next set of steps to be taken for the improvement.

If we look back, there are many testers around us providing the qualitative information to make things better and improve upon.

The Value of this information is tremendous since it came from people who are more experienced and passed through the current stage where we stand. The value lies in the fact that most of the successful people around, learnt a lot from others (learn from others mistakes too rather than your own) and they have become experts in their own fields.

How does this helps Software Testing

Software testing too comes under the similar lines and its role is to provide context driven information for the stake holders to make informed decisions over the application under test (AUT).

So as being testers, we need to provide the constructive criticism at each stage of the Development. If we look back at the above scenarios, the value addition is more because the people involved there have better skills over the context.

That being said, the current industry lacks skilled testers. The true value addition in Software Testing will be more, if and only if the people involved there have better skills over the context they working with.

Do share your views here or send them to me at venkatreddyc@gmail.com

Happy Testing…

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9 Comments on “Hey Testers, Communicate the Value of Testing”

  1. vijay Says:

    Hi Venkat
    I agree with you ..Testers are the front light of the project and they really give that bright light to project what is necessary!

    But what required for that is “Skilled testers”.

  2. Vijay,

    The perception is inferior is still there since we are not deploying the right kind of people there. The true value of testing will come out only if we can deploy skilled people there.

    As i described in the post, The Skilled Testers need to have better skills than the people who involved in developing the projects.

  3. www.searchfoirithere.com Says:

    Dont forget end user documentation.

  4. suganya Says:

    hi venkat
    I want to learn more about software testing can you suggest me refer me a book or website
    i am going to start my career . and also suggest me in which i have to concentrate more

  5. Hs Says:

    Agreed with the necessity of skilled professionals. Testing without skilled professionals will have no way of detecting the correct bugs or problems. Also, with the proper skill sets, the tester can provide accurate recommendations to the clients.


  6. Pradeep Says:

    Hi Venkat,

    I want to learn Ruby (watir) automation tool. Please give me the materials for the same to learn. Also, please give some tips or suggestions on the same.


  7. Deepa Says:

    Who are the people involved in testing

  8. karthik Says:

    Im planning for SOFTWARE TESTING course in STC,Chennai.
    Does it have value and market in current industry.??
    Does it have bright future??.please guide me.I fear to spend quite a lot of money(70,000-80,000) without guidance.

  9. QA Testing Says:

    Thanks for sharing details about testing services.

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