The Bug Life Cycle Series

I have been talking about Bugs in the Software Applications in my recent posts. They play an important role in Software Development & Testing. The biggest value addition is to uncover the critical issues of the system at the early stage.

I have already written some posts on the Bug Tracking front and find the list below. They talk about how to handle the Bugs, avoid conflicts & the lessons to be learned for the testers.


The above posts doesn’t cover all aspects of a Bug.  I feel that it’s better to write more on the Bug Life Cycle & explore the same.

The Bug Life Cycle series will have the following posts and i will be writing them in frequent intervals.

  1. The Role of Software Testing

  2. An insight into Bugs in the Software Applications

  3. Context driven information for Bug Reports – It’s the need of the hour

  4. Life Cycle of a Bug – Different Stages in it

  5. Communicate the Value of Bug Reports

  6. The End Game

Stay tuned & check out the blog for upcoming articles.

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9 Comments on “The Bug Life Cycle Series”

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  4. yugandhar reddy k Says:


    Iam yugandhar from Capgemini, Hyderabad.Can you please discribe the detailed defect management process in Team Track with the fklow charts.

  5. Pravesh Singh Says:

    Your article are really awesome.actually i was in search for some good articles on software testing and finally i got one.
    The most important is the simplicity which will be very helpful for the beginners. Check out this link its also having a nice post with wonderful explanation on bug cycle, please check out…


  6. isha Says:

    good answer…
    for more stuff related to software testing u can also visit at
    it will definitely help u…

  7. sunil Says:

    good one, learnt something about bug life cycle today…

  8. […] is my second post in the Bug Life Cycle Series. Before going more into the Bugs and their life cycle, it’s good to know, what it means to […]

  9. […] is my third post in the Bug Life Cycle Series and it’s good to know the different users of your Bugs and their context with them. The mission […]

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