Software Testing Courses and Certifications

My friend Mallikarjun of Code Inspections compiled a list of  Software Testing Courses &  Certifications available in the Universities and some professional certifications around the world on testing.

This is useful information for Testers and that’s the reason for this post.

Some more useful resources to explore on software Testing are listed below.

Hope this helps to explore more on the Testing Front for the new comers as well as the experienced ones.

Happy Testing.

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6 Comments on “Software Testing Courses and Certifications”

  1. anjanb Says:

    hi there,

    good post. thanks for the compilation.

    I don’t see links to
    # Blogs on Software Testing
    # Testing Groups on Yahoo & Google
    # Google Videos on Software Testing

    Thank you,


  2. BR,

    On the Blogs front you can see some good one in the Links section. Google might be a help to capture more info.

  3. fahad hussain Says:

    can any bodies knows about any Master level degree suitable for tester in UK universities ?

  4. Ahamad Says:

    This is good one for freshers/starters.

  5. hemantnair Says:


    Can anyone know a tool to prepare for online objective kind of question for software testing both for manual and automation.

    Hemant Nair

  6. qualitypoint Says:


    First of all Thanks very much for your useful post.
    I would like to introduce another good blog which is having
    free software testing ebooks,Testing Quiz and Question&Answers, Have a look.

    Software Testing Quiz Questions
    Free ebooks for Testing and Automation

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