Testing World 2006

Hi All,

I have attened the Testing World 2006 conference today & the response was tremendus. The session on Testing Skills That No One Talk About by Michael Bolton was too good and put me in different thought process on the areas left out to explore.

He talks about

  1. General Systems thinking
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Debating Skills

Testing World 2006 is the conference for building your expertise in testing projects execution & various products. It’s two power-packed days of practical information you can take back to your job and put to work immediately.

These kind of conferences helps testers to know what’s happening around and how can we benefit from the same.

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4 Comments on “Testing World 2006”

  1. Assaf Says:

    In addition to great conferences that really enrich, I found a great practical resource for software testing. The http://www.testingland.com provides a practical angle and it seems that the writer is well experienced. I saw that he add more stuff on a weekly basis.

  2. venkatreddyc Says:

    Thanks Assaf for sharing the link for Testing Land. I am planning to gather all the links in my Resources.

  3. @Asaf,

    It appears to me that Testing Land website that you have recommended to Venkat is not good enough. Perhaps, as Venkat knows there might not be anything beyond the experts website like James Bach’s Satisfice, Cem Kaner’s website, Michael Bolton’s Developsense….

    I encourage you to explore those websites which enhances your wisdom and not to refer those who are not a legitimate source of information.


    Were you the one who met me on the second day of Testing World conference?

  4. venkatreddyc Says:

    Hey Pradeep,

    Yes, i am the one who met you on the last day.

    Thanks for you comments.

    I am planing to build this Blog as a Digital Library for the Testing Community.

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