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Finding Bugs in Java Programs with just one mouse click

November 24, 2006

Come across this cool video about Using Static Analysis For Software Defect Detection on Google Tech Talks. William Pugh talk about how can we use Static Analysis for defect detection and his tool FindBugs which is Static Analysis tool for Java Applications.

The tool is amazing and with just with one mouse click, we can uncover so many issues that we didn’t even think of.

Get more info on FindBugs here

Link to the Video : Using Static Analysis For Software Defect Detection

Abstract of the Video:

Paugh talks about some of my experience in using and expanding static analysis tools for defect detection. The FindBugs tool developed at the University of Maryland is now being widely used, including inside Google.

he will give an overview of FindBugs, show some of the kinds of errors we routinely find in production code, discuss the methodology we use for enhancing and expanding FindBugs and some of the recent additions to it, discuss ways of incorporating FindBugs into your development process (such as being able to get a report of all the warnings introduced since the last release of your software), and talk about the future of static analysis, including things such as a new Java JSR to provide standard annotations for things such as @NonNull and @Tainted.


Static Analysis for Code Quality

November 24, 2006

Static Analysis is the technique used to analyze the software without executing the same. It helps to look at issues that are there with in the Source Code even before it gets executed. Find some reading on Static Code Analysis here from Wikipedia.

Static Analysis also used to publish some of the Software Metrics. For example, KLOC, Cyclomatic Complexity will be captured through Static Analysis.

The following are some the links to Static Analysis Tools

  1. List of Tools from wikipedia
  2. List of Tools from Testing FAQs

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