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Welcome to my world on Software Testing

October 24, 2006

This is Venkat Reddy Chintalapdi (Venkat in short) working with YASU Technologies as Test Manager.

I have over 7 years of experience in the Industry worked on Development, Testing, Maintenance and Technical Support. All these years of experience made me good at understanding the applications and how to validate the same.

I am excited to test the applications and discover it’s behavior in many scenarios. These tests helped me to improve my thought process and i feel that it’s a creative skill. Testing is not at all a dumb skill and these testers need to have more skills than the one who developed the same.

These skills will spread over your Domain, Technology and how the systems behave in genaral.

I will be sharing my views and the experiences here. I am inspired by James Bach and Cem Kaner.


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